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Sep. 25th, 2008



Midnight Sun - Discussion

Now that tempers have had a chance to cool, lets talk Midnight Sun.

Suggested topics:-

What did you think of it?

Did it alter your opinion of any characters, make you like them more or less than before?

What did you think of the bits that werent in Twilight? (eg. Edward in Alaska, what happened to Bella's attacker in Port Angles, etc)

What were your best/worst bits?

Any fav quotes?

Who do you think, or would like to think, leaked it?

Are you upset it may never be finished?

Do you blame the fans who downloaded it or the original uploader for the fact it might not be finished?

Finally, what do you make of SMeyer stopping and why do you think she stopped? Some of the theories as to why are:-
* SMeyer's emotions are in too much termoil to do the story justice
* SMeyer is trying to teach the fans a lesson in why illegal downloads are bad
* SMeyer hadnt written anything new in 2 years, she's probably run out of ehthusiasm anyway
* Her publishers wouldnt give her the same money for MS as it's basically a companion book, not an original book
* She has other books (mermaids) she would rather focus on.

Have you heard any others? Do you have your own pet theory?

Finally, so we end on a high, what scene from the second half of the book are you most looking forward to seeing?

Sep. 21st, 2008



More TwilightGit, uh, i meant Guy Rhetoric

TwiGuy has added yet another 2 cents to the MS debate. You know, if we took all his unwanted 2 cents, I'm pretty sure we could stave off the current economic crisis.


After I posted my original article defending Stephenie Meyer’s decision to put Midnight Sun on hold, I received more emails and comments supporting what I had said than I have received for any single article before. The fact that so many media venues have relentlessly attacked Stephenie since the leak is appalling [Thats the media, what century did this guy growup in. And Hello! what does this have to do with the fans reaction?], and my best reward was when many of the people who read my article (over 9,000 on the first day) told me they subsequently understood her decision a little better because of it.[Yeah, cos your ego just wasnt big enough]

However, since I published that article, even more trouble has arisen. For some reason, many people are under the impression that by putting Midnight Sun on hold, Stephenie is attempting to ‘punish’ us all for what a small group of people did. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For some reason, there is a misguided notion that writers are simply machines with fingers, typing away at stories that write themselves with no emotion or thought involved in the process. With some stories and many non-fiction books, that could easily be the case. But a great number of writers put emotion into their work and connect with it far deeper than simply penning words onto a page and publishing it.

Any writer who is emotionally connected with his or her work can tell you that a shattering event, such as a divorce, death in the family, or a deep betrayal of trust (such as what happened with Midnight Sun) can severely damage the ability to write a moving piece of fiction. In the book “How To Be Your Own Literary Agent”, Richard Curtis (my agent) writes:[He couldnt just leave at Richard Curtis writes, no he has to remind us, yet again, that he too is a writer. *yawn*]

” [pg 187]: As an author myself, and a friend or agent of many other writers, I can testify how tightly interconnected the personal, financial, and creative elements of an author’s life are. Trouble in one area almost invariably indicates trouble in the others.”

This may not be for all authors: but many of us write with emotion, and when our emotions are affected, the writing will inevitably suffer.

You have to take a step back and seriously think about what people are claiming: Stephenie has postponed Midnight Sun to punish those who leaked it, and inadvertently punish her fans as well? How in any way would delaying the release of Midnight Sun punish the people who posted it online? If anything, that would be exactly what they wanted.[Huh? So Steph's trusted friend wants her to stop writing MS? This is very Machivellian. Were the CIA involved? Maybe she stole the plot from Little Green Men and now they're pissed? ]

On the contrary, the decision to put Midnight Sun on hold is to me more of a display of how much Stephenie cares about her fans and the world she has created[*snort* Coke just came out of my nose, but it was totally worth it!]. Even on the basis of simple economics, the fact is that if Midnight Sun was to be published, it is a guaranteed international bestseller; and simply by attaching it to the Twilight franchise will generate millions in revenue no matter what is written between the covers.[Yeah, but my pet theory is that she was bored of writing it and didnt want to carry on. I mean she wrote noting new in 2 years? Come on!]

I know to many of the critics it might sound like a outlandish idea, but maybe Stephenie does care more about her readers than the fame, publicity and money to be made from her writing.[*snort* this guy should do stand up!] It would be far more of a punishment to the Twilight fans for her to just continue writing the book with her heart not into it, and put out something that is lacking feeling simply to add another book to the series. Perhaps she wants to write something that is good,[Ha! Good luck with that!] with her heart in it, rather than something that is put out just for the sake of publishing.

Nowhere did Stephenie say she would never publish Midnight Sun. That is a rumor that has been going around and spread by multiple news websites, and it is false. From her statement:

“[...] In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely*.”

Stephenie has put the work on hold: not canceled the project entirely. Most of the frenzy has no basis.

I certainly do not claim to know everything that goes on behind the scenes or to represent what Stephenie may be planning. But I do know that the strength to set aside a project that is worth millions in favor of what is best for her readers is something that Stephenie should be admired for.

*Indefinitely (AH Dictionary): ADJECTIVE: Not definite, especially: a. Unclear; vague. b. Lacking precise limits: an indefinite leave of absence. c. Uncertain; undecided: [Thats just what i need, a lesson in English from some snotty 19 year old, acney ridden, drama queen!]


If you'd like to add your thoughts, please go here.

My reply to him and a personal rant under hereCollapse )

Sep. 8th, 2008



For those of you upset with Russell Brand

So, i gather you Americans didnt quite know what to make of our Russell and the Twilighters are a wee but upset cos he cut Rob Pattinson off. (i explained cos the clip below will probably be removed soon like the others have)

Allow me to redem Russell in your eyes with this. Bob Geldof, being the gentleman he is and without provocation, calls Russell a C**t. Russell looks hurt but his comebck at the end is priceless. Bob insults, Russell insults and makes us laugh.


Twilight guy

I admit, i read the Twilight Guy's blog. Mainly cos a guys perspective is interesting and some of his cartoons are amusing (most are silly, but make me smile).

I dont really understand why he's so lauded in this fandom though, and my inner cynic (she kicked my inner child out years ago) cant help but feel he's something of a publicity whore.

Now we have his rather over the top "defence" of Ms Meyer's refusal to finish Midnight Sun.

click here to read. Beware, it's LONGCollapse )

My enthusiasm for him is dwindling. With the following he now has, the press interviews for his comments, i think things have gone to his head. He cannot say anything bad about the Ms Meyer and her books because he is so dependant on her for his following.

He is more of a sycophant now, and thats is very unattractive.

Maybe i should start an "ignore the twilight guy" petition... Except, it would just bing more attention on someone who is essentially a non-entity.

Aug. 29th, 2008



Midnight Sun Leak

Stephenie Meyer has just posted on her website about how hurt she is over the leak of her manuscript and stated that she wont be finshing it. Or it's 'on hold indefinately' is how she worded it. She then released the playlist of music to accompany the first 12 chapters. Click here for her statement.

I'm afraid my cynical side is having a hard time buying this.

1st, she's just told everyone it's genuine

2nd, she's thrown a tempertantrum in public

3rd, Midnight Sun has received nothing but praise as far as i can see

4th, she's released the playlist, as she does for released novels.

5th, she's doing all sorts at the moment, from interviews to directing music videos...

I cant help but wonder if her enthusiasm was already dying and this is a good excuse to stop. After all, it's only half the novel, fans would still buy it for the other half.

I also wonder if she realises she had essentially given permission for all those who didnt want to download it and were waiting for the book, permision to do so?

How would i have handled it? I'd have kept quiet.

Like i say, it's only half a book, i'm sure everyone wants the meadow scene from Edwards perspective and would buy it for that alone. It's not like she will loose out financally.

Shaking her fist and stomping away from the project is a little... childish.

Life isnt fair, Ms Meyer. The good dont always win and the meek will not inherit the earth. Most grown up's have realised this and are resigned to the shit life throws at them.

In doing this, the people she is hurting most are her "true" fans, those who resisted the temptation to download it, those who wanted to wait for the finished book.

Then again, she pleaded for people to tell her about copywright infringements on BD, then a big fat nothing happened, forcing those who didnt read the leaks to stay away from the interne for fear of being spoled. Esentially those who didnt break the law were punished. It should have been obvious to me then that Meyer doesnt really give a shit about her "true" fans, except when she wants something from them.

Thoughts, anyone?

Aug. 27th, 2008



Breaking Dawn Discussion: Bella

Love her or hate her, she's been our story teller for all 4 novels. How do you feel about her final outing?

Do you prefer vamp Bella or human Bella?

Did you like the wedding? The Denali's reaction to her and vice versa? Jacob showing up?

Should Bella have been more worried about Edward on their honeymoon instead of dismissing his fears (as ususal)?

How did you feel about her pregnancy and asking Rosalie for help?

Is she a good mother?

Did you like her coming into her own as a vampire and not needing protecting any more?

Share your thoughts here.

(ps, if you have any other topics you'd like to see discused, mention them in your comment)

Aug. 22nd, 2008



Breaking Dawn Discussion: Plot

Some have compared the plot to fanfiction or wish fulfilment. Do you agree?

Did you like the baby idea or did you feel cheated?

Should Bella have had to sacrifice something for her new life, or was risking her life enough? What should she have had to sacrifice, Charlie, Jacob, one of the Cullens?

What about Bella and Renesmee powers?

Jacob's happy ending, imprinting on Nessie?

Did you wish there had been at least battle instead of two nearly-battles?

Will you be reading it again? Has this dampened your enthusiasm for the series?

If you were editing BD, what changed would you have advised Stephenie to make?

If you had written BD, what would your plot have been?


Breaking Dawn Discussion: Edward

What did you think of Edward? Was he in charater? Did you like Jacob's observations of him and the bond that alomst formed between them in book two? What about as a father?

One review said that Edward had been the draw of these books and readers were sadly let down this time because he didnt make much of an appearance. Do you agree?

On a lighter note, what about the pillow biting and gratuatious headboard distruction? Did you like the wedding?


Breaking Dawn Discussion: Bit part players

Any thoughts on the bit part characters?

Were you glad Tanys wasnt a bitch, or do you wish she had been?

Does Garrett rock?

Siobhan, Benjamin, Carmen, Eleazar, Zafrina, Stephan & Vladamir, the Volturi etc etc.

Love them or loath them, leave your comments.

Aug. 19th, 2008



Breaking Dawn Discussion: Alice

What did you think of Alice? The wedding, her headaches and her distance from Bella in book 2 and, probably the biggest thing, her running away? Did you believe she just left? Were you angry that the Cullens believed it?

Love or hate her (okay, no one probably hates her) post your thoughts here.

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